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Meet Registered Dietitian and Meal Prep Recipe Creator Sarah Alsing, MS, RD

Sarah Alsing, MS, RD sports dietitian and meal prep recipe developer

Hi, I’m Sarah! It is hard to juggle work, exercise, and eating healthy. Oftentimes busy schedules lead to repetitive and boring meal prep meals. My goal is to make meal prep delicious, nutritious, and easy. You should enjoy your meals that also fuel you to perform at your best in workouts.

I create recipes that you’ll look forward to eating, take minimal time to prepare, and help you reach your nutrition and performance goals. I want everyone to know how nutrients affect performance and how to prepare delightful meals that keep you fueled.

I am a Registered Dietitian with a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition. With 8 years of nutrition experience, I have worked with a variety of populations and disease states. My true passion is sports nutrition and fueling for performance for the everyday athlete. Find me doing CrossFit, running, or playing with my dog, Mila.

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